Monday, April 29, 2013

Chi-oo poots!

That's "Chicken coops" in toddler. Actually, in Gavyn, since each toddler seems to have their own language. Our chickens have arrived! John worked hard last week getting the coops fixed up and ready for our new family members. We inherited them from some friend that are moving out East and won't be able to keep them anymore. Such a great deal for two reasons. 1) They were delivered right to our house, free of charge. 2) They are already laying eggs!

We have 10 chickens. That equals about 10 eggs a day! I am already thinking of new ways to use these nutritional powerhouses. I want to start my day with a baked egg on top of spinach and mushrooms. I want to make eggs in purgatory over polenta for dinner. I want to make lemon meringue pies for dessert. We are also going to be sharing some of our farm fresh eggs with friends and family. Everybody deserves to experience the difference between these eggs and the kind you buy at the store. They are just incredibly better. Not just tastier, but they have so much more nutrition. 

Gavyn thinks the chickens are amazing. He just wants to hang out with them. 

Grass is super fun

Watch those fingers!

Our first two eggs to have for dinner

Just can't beat it!
We have also been taking advantage of this amazing weather to work in the garden and spend lots and lots of time outside. The tulips are blooming, the garden is sprouting, and new life has come to the cow pasture! We got to see a brand new baby calf today - such a treat!

Mom, the camera again?

Walkin' with Daddy

Daddy's face is fun to touch!




Baby calf!

Gavyn likes to do whatever Belle does

Yes, I know this is the wrong way to put the baby in the carrier. For 15 minutes though, she absolutely loves it.  I figure it is better than the way I hold her without the carrier. 

Mama Moo giving her baby kisses

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