Sunday, October 27, 2013

What makes me happy:

I've decided to start a once a month post about the things in my life at the moment that I am absolutely smitten with. I have always had a personality that tends to go crazy with something one month and then fall out of it the next. You can imagine the money I spend on crafts....yikes! I'll also go through phases where I am obsessed with cream cheese, or spinach, or leggings, or this seemed like a really good idea when my good friend Brittany from Brittany's Pantry gave me the idea. I love her blog and think it is a great idea to throw in a post that is a little off my normal format.

So here it goes! My October digs:

1) Dolman style tops. Whether it be a sweater, long sleeved t-shirt, or tunic, I love this style of shirt right now. Maybe it is because my chest is holding some extra weight from breastfeeding, or my arms are holding extra weight from loving on food, but these tops fit me - at least I think they fit me - so great!

2) Washable tempura paint. My son is really into painting right now. He has finally found his creative side and I love it. I ordered this set of paints from Amazon, because they don't sell paint in such quantities at my local store. Those little 4 ounce tubs - get us through one paint session. I love how this paint comes right off of their hands, clothes, hair, and the back of my kitchen chairs. Yet, it stays on the paper...of which I prefer good scrapbook paper as opposed to regular construction paper. It holds up to toddler painting much better!

3) Burlap and lace. OK, I am not a trendy person at all. The fact that this is kind of trendy right now had nothing to do with why I like it. I have always liked a "rustic" look to things and burlap gives me that country, woodsy feel. Then the lace dresses it up a bit. I'm doing my daughter's birthday party in burlap and lace (and snowflakes) and I am absolutely obsessed. I ordered this ribbon from Etsy and I think I have spent at least half an hour just caressing it since it arrived last week.

This is a terrible pictures, but it is the wreath I made for my daughter's party...

4) Cauliflower. I had to include some food item. I have always liked broccoli and cauliflower, but I usually cook it somehow. I like to roast it or steam it and serve it with butter. However, lately I have been loving it just raw! I eat it kind of like a chip, and dip it in either hummus or salsa mixed with sour cream. It is crunchy and creamy at the same time. Although, I recommend not eating a whole head of cauliflower in one sitting. Especially when you are breastfeeding.

OK this isn't raw cauliflower, but it is a cauliflower crust pizza, which was pretty dang good. I served it with bread!

5) The closet clean-out of fall. That horrible yet wonderful project in which I go through my closet, decide what I don't want anymore and what needs to be put away for summer. Then going into the basement and finding the clothes I have down there and doing the same thing. I have a love-hate relationship with this project. I love it because I discover old clothes I forgot I had, I get organized, and I learn a little bit more about myself as I go through clothes. I hate it because I end up with piles of clothes I can't possibly sort in one day, meaning there are piles of clothes everywhere for days. Then there is the issue of what fits and what doesn't...if I want to try selling any of it - or just give the $60 maternity dress I wore once away. It does make me happy though, just because it is getting done.

6) The community pride in my town. I recently went to the homecoming parade in our town to which we moved just over a year ago. Holy cow - these people are serious about their parades! I was so impressed and almost moved by the amount of town pride I felt. I'm so glad that I now live in this community and while we may not stay the rest of our lives, I'm glad we are here now. 

7) Stretching. Back when I was a gymnast and when I worked out at the gym all the time, I made stretching part of my daily routine. Since having kids, it went wayyy down on the priority list, and I'm lucky to get 5 minutes to do some jumping jacks, very lightly, in my living room. Stretching became a non-essential part of life that I just couldn't afford to take time for. Well, lately I have been feeling really really stiff. Stiff and old. My back hurts, and my muscles have been crying out to be stretched. So I'm starting to make it a priority again. It may not burn tons of calories or build lots of muscle, but it is important, and right now for me, it is the most important part of the time I get to work on my body. Since I began stretching just a few days ago, I feel better. Everywhere. The pooch on my tummy may not be shrinking at the moment, but I feel great!

Yep. Those are my feet. I still have a slight tan line.  That is a crayon on the floor to the right. 

That is it for this month! Hopefully I'll have some new, fun things to talk about in November!


  1. I choked on the M&M I am eating when I read that you were caressing the ribbon. Then I saw the link and totally understand why! Gorgeous! I didn't even know they had that stuff on ETSY!

    1. Oh Brittany. I will bring you a piece. I never thought I could be this into some ribbon :).