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Good things are going into my kids, so of course, good things come out. Where it goes - everybody knows! Now, 2 and a half years later, I have a diaper system that works, doesn't cause too much inconvenience on my part, is environmentally friendly, and good for my babys' tushies. I've been through it all. Hybrid g-diapers, disposables (many brands), and many brands of cloth diapers. So without delay, because we are all tired, I will tell you my story and map out my diaper experience.

Did I mention we just returned from a month-long vacation to our lake-cabin in Minnesota? Well, while up there, I made the final switch to cloth diapers, for good. This is all thanks to discovering microfiber cloth diapers. I can not believe I messed with hemp. I can not believe I was conned into thinking they worked! I really did believe they were just as good as microfiber - for why else would diaper companies still use it? I never understood how some of my cloth-diapering friends said they loved their diapers. With hemp, I was changing the kids constantly because they started leaking so fast, and they weren't nearly as comfortable. So I went to the cabin with microfiber cloth diapers in hand - and it basically changed my life.

Let me back up. I should also mention how tired I am. After a busy week of nearly no sleep, a sick baby, and an energetic toddler who has recently found his voice, I am pretty disoriented. So if this is a little jumpy, just jump with it.

Gavyn started out using g-diapers - a hybrid diaper that had a washable cover and flushable inserts. I gave those up after the diapers were leaving horrible red marks on his little legs. They also have snaps on the inside that look like they dig into the poor kid's skin. This was also the first place I got hemp inserts - because I thought the cloth would be more comfortable than the papery flushable insert. Well, no. So forget hybrids. They aren't worth it. Especially don't buy g-diapers. Decent idea, but they just don't work.

So I figured I was stuck with disposables. I bought the organic, dye-free Seventh Generation or Earth's Best diapers, which worked fine but felt like paper on my boy's skin. Plus, they were expensive! So I tried Huggie's new Pure and Natural diapers and loved them. The softest diaper by far, they are super absorbent and while slightly more expensive, it isn't too big of a difference to make my penny-pinching family stop buying them. I still use them when I use disposables (for long outings and nights I just know a cloth diaper won't hold up). They also don't have ridiculous cartoons on them, which I find horribly gaudy. There is a little Winnie the Poo on there, but it isn't in-your-face. Yes, these things matter. So I would highly recommend Huggie's Pure and Natural Diapers for your disposable needs.

I also tried different covers with the hemp inserts. I tried Thirsties as well as some hand-me-down pocket diapers I got from a friend. The hemp still sucked, so I gave that up pretty quick.

THEN, I bought my first Bum Genius diaper. I don't know why I delayed so long, as they are so popular, and they are for a reason. Holy moly - they are awesome. Super soft, absorbent, easy, and they really come clean! That was another issue with hemp. There were so many stains. I am using the Bum Genius Laundry detergent. I don't want to mess these babies up.

So now I use Bum Genius, Blueberry, and Little Monsters diapers. You can sometimes find deals on sites like Zulily. I also put the microfiber inserts in some of the hand-me-down covers I have. They keep those little butts clean, soft, and rash-free. Allisyn has some issues with redness from chaffing with disposables and non of that with these. You do have to stuff them, but I don't make a big deal about it and just stuff a diaper right before I use it. Then I put them in a pile to wash. I wash about every other day. If I know a poopy diaper won't get washed for a while I rinse it and soak it in a bucket of water. I wash it with the Bum Genius powedered detergent, once on a hot wash and then run it again on a hot wash/cold rinse cycle to make sure the detergent is gone. Then I line dry the covers to keep them as new as possible, and dry the inserts on the low setting on the drier.

I am proud to be a cloth diapering Mama now! After all I've been through, I hope it might help some other parents struggling with the same issues - or prevent the struggle all together. Oh and yes, there is an upfront cost to pocket diapers such as these. They are worth it. If you do the math, which I have but am not going to do right now - they are worth it. Unless you buy 6 different brands before finding the one that works. Don't do that.

Oh, I also like the one-size adjustable -ness of these diapers. Except when it comes to newborns. I honestly say go for the disposables with newborns. Don't even mess with trying to get cloth diapers to fit when those little guys are pooping every 10 minutes. Get the disposables, and then move to cloth when they are big enough to fit right.

Alli sporting her Bum Genius diaper

What you get
How it works!

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