Thursday, March 21, 2013

Clean-up's a b*tch

Since I need to upload some photos in order to finish a blog - I thought I'd throw this in to supplement an actual make-it-yourself post.

When you start to make things yourself - be it food, soap, clothes, decorations - there is the element of the mess it creates. Well taking on this project of making everything from scratch and passing up the cracker isle at the supermarket is sure taking its toll on my kitchen!

Let me say - I am not a clean cook. I do not carefully pour flour into my bowl without spilling it. I do no wash dishes as I go along. I do not put stuff away as I am done with it. I make a huge mess. I do clean it up, but I do not like it! I am getting used to it though. I am also getting very good at figuring out when I really need to dirty a dish. I very rarely "mix dry ingredients together in a separate bowl" or "melt butter in a small pan on the stove". I choose my utensil by thinking about how I am going to use it throughout every step of the process.

Homemade crackers, pie crust, some breads, pizza, etc. all require me to roll things out on my table with flour. Then I have a mess of flour and stuck-on dough bits not only on the table, but on the floor, and there are usually toddler hand prints elsewhere in the house, depending how long the boy has been free before I realize he is running around the house after being in the flour. Also, have you ever made the mistake of trying to clean up flour with a WARM washcloth? I have - and I never will again! The warm water makes the flour's gluten act up and you get a goupy mess on the washcloth.

Something I have learned to accept after having a second baby is that sometimes, there is just going to be a mess that I can't get to right away. The baby might need to be fed, the toddler may fall and stub his toe, or both at the same time. Sometimes I sit there and go crazy over the fact that there is flour over my kitchen. However, I am getting better and better and learning to let it go, and realizing that once I get the chance I can clean it up. I can take my time. I'm doing good thing for my family - and that is worth the mess every time.

It also helps to have a somewhat OCD husband when it comes to having the floors clean. If there is anything on the floor WATCH OUT! He'll be there with his vacuum sucking it up as soon as he walks in the door. He will also help me clean up dinner. Now if only I can apply those OCD qualities to the bathroom - hmmmm.

In the end - the mess is worth it, and I will continue to reluctantly clean it up.

Just a small example of what I face every day :)


  1. Man, you are NOT kidding! Cooking from scratch means LOTS more dishes and things take more time to make. *sigh*

    1. Right? Hopefully the karma fairies are watching...